Fudge Friday #2 History of Fudge!

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The History of Fudge:
Fudge is a treat enjoyed by millions around the world! Its rich and creamy texture has people coming back for more again and again. But where did Fudge come from? The exact origins are unknown, but it's likely that it was first created in the late 19th Century.

The first story tells of a Baltimore Candy Maker that had accidently mis-cooked a batch of Caramel. Upon realizing his mistake, he supposedly said "Oh Fudge" and the name stuck. Whether this story is true or not, it does make for an entertaining history.

The first documented case of Fudge being sold was in 1886 by a Grocery Shop in Maryland. A couple years later at Vassar College in Ploughkeepsie, NY, Emelyn Battersby Hartridge documented making and selling a 30lb batch of Fudge in a local school sale.

However, the history of Fudge may go back even further than the 19th Century! In the early 18th Century, a recipe for a confection appeared in Scotland that closely resembles the earliest Fudge recipes. It was found in The Household Book of Lady Grisell Baillie, and was the formation of Tablet, a Scottish confection similar to Fudge.

The last major milestone of the history of Fudge is 1938, Hollywood California. C. C. Brown's Famous Ice Cream Parlor started selling it's first Hot Fudge Sundaes. After decades of tinkering with Fudge recipes, Clifton Hibbard Brown successfully created a Fudge that was pourable for his Ice Cream. Now this treat can be enjoyed at any time thanks to commercially available Sundae sauces.

Whether Fudge is an old sweet from the highlands, or invented in a American College, we can all agree that it is the sweetest and tastiest treat around!  What once started as a simple confection now has exploded!  Instead of simple Chocolate and Caramel, you can now get Fudge in a massive assortment of flavors.  From Pumpkin, Coffee, Cotton Candy, and just about everything in between, Fudge is the one gift sure to please everyone!

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