Fundraisers Information

Start your Fundraising adventure here.

Do you need a product for fundraising for your organization?  Farmhouse Fudge's unique and delectable fudge will be just what you and your group need to have a successful fundraiser.  For over the last 10 years, we have dedicated ourselves to creating the highest quality fudge available.  

Online Fundraiser:

You can run your fundraiser entirely online at Farmhouse Fudge, no annoying order sheets and spreadsheets to keep track of.  Just simple online checkouts for your customers creates a streamlined and efficient service for both your organization and customers.  

Your customers will be able to order fudge directly from our website and have it shipped to their homes.  The convenience for all groups involved with this online ordering makes our fundraising program quick, efficient, and stress free.  All you have to do is setup your fundraiser, let your customers know, and then sit back and let us handle the product so you can more effectively promote your fundraiser. 

Physical Fundraiser:

If you want to do a fundraiser in a more traditional manner, we also have an option for you.  You can design your own paper order sheet with up to 12 flavors for your customers to pick from.  With over 50 flavors available for you to select from, you'll be sure to find a combination of flavors that works for you and your customers.  

Fundraising Example:

Here's a basic example of how a fundraiser would work.

A school class needs to raise money for a weeklong trip.  They decide to sell fudge to help them raise the funds!  After setting up a fundraiser with us, all the class needs to do is promote the fundraiser to friends and family and give them the link to the website to buy their fudge!  That's it, and the class will start receiving their funds from the fudge sale!  Using just a simple website link to order and it's done!  Now the class can go on their weeklong trip and everyone gets to enjoy our delectable fudge.