Vegan Fudge Build Your Own 3 Piece Box

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Vegan Fudge Build Your Own 3 Piece Box

Indulge in the sweetest vegan treats with our Vegan Fudge Build Your Own 3 Piece Box! Choose 3 Flavors to create your own 3-piece fudge sampler of your favorite Vegan fudge flavors. 

Our Vegan fudge tastes unbelievably like our original cream and butter fudge but is non-dairy and made with coconut milk and coconut cream. All our Vegan fudge flavors are gluten-free. Each piece is handcrafted using vegan-friendly ingredients, so you can indulge in guilt-free snacking. Perfect as a gift or a special treat for yourself, our Vegan Fudge Build Your Own 3 Piece Box is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings while adhering to your dietary preferences.


Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Michael Grabarits
Great tasting fudge!!!

You won’t be disappointed with this fudge. Creamy and tasty- the best!

Sarah Swanson
Yay! A true replacement.

I've been lactose intolerant for 20 years and this is the first time I have had a dairy free chocolate fudge that tasted anything like real chocolate fudge. I also had the eggnog flavor and I have a love/hate relationship with eggnog so I can't say I particularly enjoyed that flavor but the texture on all of them was also perfect. Exactly what I was hoping for.

Kaitlyn Natelli
Delicious Vegan Fudge

I have a dairy allergy and wanted some fudge that I didn't have to make. The Farmhouse Fudge was perfect. I loved all three flavors. I think the eggnog flavor was my favorite. The chocolate mint and peppermint bark were also great.

Michelle McPalmer
Shipping issue

The fudge itself is delicious. 2 issues I would like to point out. Asked for me to pick a specific day for delivery. I picked a date I wouldn't be out of town. Box was shipped too early and arrived when I was out of town. The other issue was the gift wrapped boxes were not marked with names to give to the correct person. I was shipping one of the boxes and had to open and rewrap to find correct one.


I bought a trio of chocolate mint, maple pecan, and chocolate peanut butter for my vegan child for Christmas. All three flavors were terrific, the favorite being chocolate peanut butter. All had a very smooth texture, and the trio was well-packaged for shipment. I definitely recommend this fudge!