Jersey Cow Milk

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6 oz. Freeze Dried Raw Jersey Cow Milk

This comes direct from the farm from our herd of Jersey cows and is raw, not pasteurized, to preserve the natural goodness of the milk, then freeze dried, not dehydrated. Freeze drying preserves the nutrients in the milk making this a perfect product for use in your soap making and other bath and beauty products.

It can be added to your soap recipes in dried form or re-hydrated at the rate of 1/4 - 1/3 cup of milk to every 1 cup of water.  This 6 oz. package makes 80-96 oz. of milk (approximately 3 qts.)

Comes in a heavy duty resealable mylar bag with moisture absorbing packet.

We are licensed to sell a limited amount of raw milk directly from the farm in the state of Utah, however this product is not intended for human consumption and is designed for use in making bath and beauty products.